Crochet Snowflake Christmas Decoration

Easy Crochet Snowflake Christmas Decoration pattern. I got a ton of requests on how to make this cute, crocheted snowflake so I’m going to show you how to do that today!

it’s only three rounds… it’s pretty quick… so let’s get started!

You’re gonna need a piece of cardboard, a size zero US hook, a darning needle, some pins, scissors, and some scrap yarn.

I’m using some fingering weight cashmere yarn that I have leftover from a scarf. So, to get started just wrap the yarn three times around your finger like so Slide your hook under the first two loops And pull the loop through both of those first two loops And slide it off your finger And you now have two loops. We are going to work into both of those loops. So chain five. And double crochet into both of those loops, then chain two And double crochet again into both of those loops.

Chain two. Double crochet.

Chain two. Double crochet.

Chain two. Double crochet again.

Finish it with a chain two. Now we are going to pull up that middle.

Watch the video below and get full instructions!

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